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Here to Serve You!

At Generations Furniture we cultivate our values on serving our community and building relationships with each customer. During this uncertain time, we want to be available in anyway possible. We have taken various sanitizing steps to ensure each customer that does enter the facility is safe. We have launched our online store that will have products uploaded daily based on availability from our local vendors.

We will post some home decorating ideas as well all surf Pinterest to "spring clean" the house. On Friday, we would like to tap into our health during this time. Many of us are unable to leave the home, go to the gym and maintain normalcy. We want to help you with some easy at home exercises that would use your furniture. No, lifting a couch for benchpress is not in the list of exercises. :)

If anyone has questions or would like additional product information, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to serve you during this time!

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