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5 Questions to Ask - Living Room

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Are you getting the itch to re-decorate a room? Purchase a complete living room set to enjoy? We have created 5 questions to ask before you purchase your next sofa set.

1. How many people do you want to seat?

For three, you want to look for a sofa 84 to 94 inches long and take note of the back height as well. The average back height is around 34 - 38 inches.

2. Is there a zipper in the back cushion?

When purchasing a sofa we usually look to style, how it sits and durability of the fabric which are all very important. However, having a zipper in the back cushion is crucial! Our goal at Generations Furniture is to provide a long lasting product that your family will enjoy for years to come, but with that comes with years of visits, naps on the couch, or wanting a solid back support. The cushions in the back will "flatten" and need to be re-stuffed. This will not have to happen for many years, but it is an option that you would like to have later.

3. Are the seat cushions removable?

Similar to the back cushions, the seat cushions take a similar amount of weight over time. We encourage our customers to rotate or flip the cushions from one end to the other. This allows for even wear and reduces the possibility of sagging on certain cushions used frequently.

4. Is this fabric durable?

This is one of the most asked questions! Having a toddler really puts the word durability to the test. These kiddos can test all products labeled "Indestructible" or Highly Durable". Fabric that is easy to clean but will still hold up as time goes is very important. Many of the fabric products we sell can be cleaned with a little soap and water. After some time to dry, you will not be able to notice the mess or change in the fabric.

5. Purchasing online, "Will the sofa look good in my room?"

This question is asked frequently as well when adding items to your cart, "Is this item going to complete the room?" At Generations Furniture, we offer a tool to help design YOUR room. We can input, windows, doors, dimension of room, pre-existing furniture layout and size. In addition to sending a digital copy we also do house calls! We can walk through each room you are looking to redesign and provide tips, measurements, furniture selection that would fit in the space. At this time, we are still offering this service but through video chat! We can schedule a FaceTime, Skype, Zoom meeting and complete this option remotely. We want to help you accomplish the exact look you are going for as you pick out your next sofa set.

There are many questions that can be asked, but we have formulated our Top 5 to help you in your search for the perfect sofa set! If there are questions, please let us know. We are available through email at or by phone.

We are here to serve you!

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