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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Welcome! We are so excited you have taken the time to learn about us and hear us share our tips and tricks related to furniture, health, sleep, exercise and so much more! When starting the blog, Forrest and I were trying to figure out why? Why would anyone want to read what we have to say? Could this blog/vlog help someone? And to all those questions we had answers! We base our store and relationships with our customers on the foundations of serving others as Christ has served. Having that motive has propelled us to step out in our faith and serve Habersham and the surrounding counties.

Purpose = Serving

"But be sure to fear the LORD and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you."

1 Samuel 12:24

Who we are

Growing up as one of four brothers, life was a constant adventure of days at the lake, competitive tennis matches, and many dares that ended at the emergency room. My parents did their best to develop well rounded boys, while attempting to keep us all in line. We spent our time going to church, schools, assisted in running the family farm, participated in Boy Scouts, and loved waterskiing and barefoot skiing. Having brothers the endless adventures we had as a family were anything but ordinary and very memorable. There are countless stories to be told, but one that stands out is about one younger brother who burned his palm on the grill from the challenge of a dare. The staff at the restaurant lathered his hand in butter and we ventured onto the Braves game. As a result for caring for my brothers, I gained a passion for medicine. I enjoyed figuring out how to treat injures and help people. Throughout my grade school years that passion continued and it was time to head off to college. I obtained a degree in the medical field and played collegiate tennis. After graduating, I went to work in the Nuclear Medicine department at Orlando Regional Medical Center and took business classes at night. Life was great in the sunshine state as were the wonderful memories I had with family and friends in the area. After a few years in Florida, my career changed to better fit my family. We moved back to Georgia to help my dad in the furniture store. Through the multiple transitions and career changes in life, my title still stands; I am a son, husband, father, and a grandfather. I have learned in life we all face challenges and are given opportunities.

Hi! My name is Kelsey Shuman. I am a mom to a fun loving little two-year-old girl, Erin and a wife to handsomely, smart husband, Zach. The journey that I call life has been anything but ordinary or “planned”. Grew up in Cornelia with a tennis and water loving family! This town has helped establish some of the best friends I have known from kindergarten to high school graduation. Participated in sports and always knew I wanted to gain a career and leave home. During college, I married my high school sweetheart and quickly adapted to life as a military spouse. Not coming from a military family the road ahead was unknown. After living in 5 states, endless hours job hunting, miles from family, and saying "see you soon" to my husband as he deployed all during the first few years of marriage was somewhat… unexpected. Like I mentioned, I had thought “my” plan would end in a career that I could be rooted for years to come, but God had another idea. Now I am a stay at home mom, working for an amazing online teaching platform (VIPKid) in yet again a new place, maintaining the household while my husband is proudly serving in the US Navy. I hope to relate to readers and be a sounding board as they envision “their plan” and how quickly God can use our gifts and talents in areas we never saw possible.

Generations Furniture focuses on the life outside of our four walls. We are involved with Operation Care, Circle of Hope, local donation centers and teach and instruct a summer tennis camp. In our business, we enjoy meeting people and hearing their story. We want to use our experiences and knowledge to help others live a healthy and comfortable life. We strive to build relationships with each customer we meet!

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