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Spring showers bring May flowers

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

It is hard to believe that the beautiful summer months are right around the corner. Those cold winter days are finally behind us and the smell of cookouts with family and friends and sun kissed skin will soon be a part of life. Summer for our family is by far our favorite! We spend days out on the lake skiing, kneeboarding, and endless matches of tennis. Building relationships with family is so important to us. Family is what keeps us rooted in our values and helps navigate us back to our passions. The passions of singing and performing musicals with cousins, telling stories that tend to make everyone cry out of pure humor, and encouragement to dust off the waterskies to show off the tricks performed last summer. This is summer to us!

At Generations Furniture we love to share our passion and listen to what summer means to you. We love to hear the stories of vacations, time with the grandchildren, and even learn about new sights around North Georgia. Come share some of your favorites with us!

Places we LOVE!

Louies on the Lake (Lake Rabun), Hiking at Minnehaha Falls, Skiing on Lake Yonah, Lake Rabun, and Lake Burton

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